asiye atılgan

Asiye Atılgan
Customer Manager + Copywriter

Tw.     Ins.     Lnkd.

Imagine, explore… I think these words are the architects of the place I find myself today on the journey of life and the conditions I have created.
– Asiye Atılgan

Aside from my academic background, I can say that the most important thing that makes me who I am is learning foreign languages. I see the benefit of 4 languages that I have acquired apart from my mother tongue since childhood; These languages opened the door to 5 different cultures by seeing things from 5 different perspective.


I finished first in the English Translation Department of “Beykent University”, which was the first stage of my education. 🎀 In conjunction with my studies, I studied English Linguistics at the “Universidad de Sevilla”in Seville, Spain. After my graduation, I continued my academic life in England with the Department of International Trade and business at the London School of Commerce at Suffolk University.


I think having lived in Spain and England has elevated my professional achievements to an international degree.


I can say that my international background experience has forged a path for a shining career! I’ve been in international companies since I the age of 18. As I pursued my education, I began to gain experience in business. I have received different trainings from each of the professional groups I have been involved in: personal development, child development, education and training methods, teamwork and leadership, coffee & wine training… I have tried to invest the maximum in myself through various trainings. A man’s best investment is himself again! 🙂


Asiye Atılgan in a nutshell 💬 foreign languages, cultural diversity, ✈ travel, 👽 astronomy and space define me best.

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