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Evrim Bakır
Developer + Founder

Tw.     Ins.     Lnkd.

From the educational process to my professional business life, I took part in many projects from small to large. I’ve had long-term experience in companies I’ve worked with. I worked at Adwords, a Google Premium Partner, for more than 10 years.
– Evrim Bakır

We have developed dozens of projects, including manageable websites, E-commerce solutions, Google Adwords Api, CRM, Facebook adware.Additionally our own independent contract, VenoMedya Digital Workshop. Simultaneously, our projects for Envato Market are still in progress.

“Change” is the notion i cherish the most in my life; of course, it most probably have had an effect on my identity. For me, a business/life cycle without change and innovation has always been a foreign concept. Evrim Bakır – We continue to develop new projects with the philosophy of” think differently and be innovative”.

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