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Metin Dikmen
Creative Director + Founder

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Although I pursued an education in software development, over time I tried to express myself in different fields mainly design, which I found more colorful and fun. – Metin Dikmen

In the last decade, I have had the opportunity to design, develop and measure interface designs and their interaction with users in many different areas. I have produced Web sites, E-commerce, mobile applications, product development, print material designs and production works in part.


In the early years of my professional life, I worked mostly on small interactive web projects based on Flash and HTML, taking the year 2006 when expertise in any field was not prevalent as it is nowadays into consideration. I have always enjoyed producing photos, videos and text content that are included in every project, small or large.


My zeal to be an entrepreneur-my enthusiasm always remained fresh. In different projects at different times –wordpress blog/theme, plugin– we have produced close to 10 projects with my core team. I’d say the best experience of my business life belongs in those periods.


*In 2009, I started working at Ente Tanıtım, where I spent the bulk of my career. At that time, when Flash websites were popular, we created many websites. At Ente promotion, I had the opportunity to work with different designs and software until 2015, which gave me serious experience in terms of seeing the stages after design.


*Between 2018-2019, I worked in a joint venture company called “Venomedya”. We had 2 years of digital workshops, and we fit a lot into that time. We have completed works that we enjoy much in the web design, social media and E-commerce industry. E-commerce, in particular, was the area where we devoted most of our time.

We have worked hard on many projects such as product presentation, custom page designs, mobile experience and user interaction. Currently, we are developing wordpress themes and plugins for Envato Market.


Metin Dikmen inn a nutshell: 🚴 bycicle, 🏍 motorcycle, ⚽ football, 📚 book and ⛰ hiking.

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