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Reader View provides the best reading experience with changing font typeface, font size, interface colors (light/dark) based on your user preferences. Redaer View is a wordpress plugin which contains fast, simple and powerful interface.

You can integrate it with your blog easily without changing any settings. Only step to run it is activating the plugin. Apart from the content you want to read, anything else is away from you.

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13 August 16

11 August 16

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Reader View – WordPress Plugin

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Item Details

Theme Options

Option to pick themes that consist with daylight and night.

  • Light
  • Dark
  • Custom

Show/Hide Options for every section

  • Author
  • Comment
  • Relations post
  • Likes button

Apperance Options

  • Font size (+/-)
  • Font Selection: Google font
  • Content width
  • Line Height
  • Custom Scheme (default)

Core Features



Reader View WordPress Plugin.
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